Sweet Sleep!

For the past 2 nights Colson has blessed us with a 7 hour stretch of sleep, followed by a 5 hour stretch of sleep.

When it happened Tuesday night, I thought that maybe it was a fluke. I mean, what 5 week old kid sleeps for 7 hours at night, followed by an additional 5 hours? Needless-to-say, I didn't get my hopes up that it would happen again. Well, I was very pleasantly surprised when last night our little man slept for a 7 hour stretch again—from 10pm-5am and then, after eating, until 10:30.

I'm trying to not get too excited...I still think this might be a fluke. I mean, it has only been for two days. Besides, I can't imagine that Colson could already technically be sleeping through the night.

But I will definitely take as many 7 hours stretches that he will give me! :o) Aw, sweet sleep!

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  1. all I'm going to say is I'm jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  2. I think he could sleep through the night already... I have a friend whose baby slept through the night from THE DAY OF BIRTH!!!
    And I know that when I was a baby I slept through the night at 6 weeks old.

    So... why not? :o)

  3. Well, we're going on 3 days in a row...he slept for 7 hours and then 6 hours last night.


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