Thoughts and Updates

An update to the pacifier:
Colson was/is not a fan of the Gumdrop pacifiers. I will randomly try to give him one but he has a hard time keeping them in his mouth. So I got him some Nuk pacifiers and he seems to like those much better.

I'm trying to make it to where he's not totally relying on one to soothe himself/go to sleep. And actually there are times where I'll try to give him one and he uses his tongue to push it out of his mouth. I would say he only has one in his mouth for an hour or two a day.

An update to sleeping:
Ever since I posted about Colson giving us a 7 hour stretch of sleep at night, he has been a sleeping pro. I would say that over the past couple weeks he has averaged 6 hour stretches. However, in the past two nights he has given me an 8 hour stretch and a 9 hour stretch.

I just think my children love to sleep. Hannah was and still is a good sleeper--sleeping 12 hours at night. I think Colson is following in her footsteps! Both kids must get this sleeping gift from their daddy. It makes me totally jealous!

Random thoughts:
When you have your first child you're nervous and scared of the unknown. Everything is new and you really have no idea if you're doing things right. You listen and take advice from people but you have no idea what they are really talking about until you live it/experience it yourself. You worry about every little thing and become paranoid that something is/might be wrong. Your baby cries and you jump up and run over to them to make sure they are ok. You wake your baby to feed them. You take their temperature randomly 'just in case'. You buy the expensive diapers because 'they're the best'.

When you have a second child not only are you taking care of them, but now you have the added to-dos of your first born. You kind of go about things a little bit differently this go around. When your newborn cries, you might not be so quick to jump up to see what's wrong because you just feed them and you just changed their diaper...what else could there be for you to check on? You realize that a little bit of crying is not going to hurt your baby. You buy the not so expensive Luvs or generic diapers because quite honestly they are pretty much the same. You definitely don't wake your baby to feed them. You value all the sleep you can get, why would you wake up your SLEEPING baby? They will not starve if you don't wake them up. Plus, you know that when they're hungry they will let you know.

It's pretty crazy the differences in how you react to your second child. Your love and desire to care for them the best you can is still just realize that you were a worry-wart the first time around almost to the point of it being something to laugh at.

I am doing my best and all that I can for my 2 babies. I give them all of me! I love them more than anything and that is all that I can do. I should never think otherwise!

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  1. Jenn, You are a truely wonderful caring devoted loving mom. I am so proud of you. The love you feel as a mom is so overwhelming. Hannah and Colson are lucky to have you. xo Mom

  2. I hadn't thought of checking the temp multiple times....that'll be me now. I already worry that she won't be too hot or cold. :oP


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