Spring Wardrobe

With Spring comes a desire for some new clothes.

I am still in between clothes right now when it comes to size. I cannot yet fit into my pre-pregnancy pants. Well, I haven't attempted to try them on yet but I'm sure the extra 15 pounds that I'm carrying will prevent me from being about to zip them up, so I am saving myself the disappointment and just avoiding them. :o) So this means that I am still rocking my maternity jeans...which I am totally not ashamed to admit. Quite franky, I think I would wear them all the time if people didn't think I was completely weird by doing so. They are so comfly. The problem with my maternity jeans right now though is that they are actually a little too big. I keep having to pull them up to avoid a saggy butt! :oP

When it comes to tops, I never had all that many to begin with. Since I stay home, I pretty much have just been sporting a sweatshirt all the time. I really don't have many other options. This was not only for Spring of last year, but for the Fall when I was pregnant.

So, I would really really love to be able to get some new items to add to my wardrobe. If I am able to get some items, they will have to be things that can be mixed and matched easily to create a lot of different looks. Like maybe cardigan sweaters over cheapy tanks and other shirts, or leggings with cute tunics/dresses.

I am really loving these looks right now:

What are some of your staple items that you have in your closet? How do you pair items to get the most bang for your buck? What are some of your favorite looks?

I would really love some sugggestions for if I am able to go out and get a few things.

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  1. It has been hard to find cheap maternity clothes. So I've been going to Kohl's and finding open sweaters (like one of your pics) and that way no matter how huge I get, they will still fit. I change tanks underneath to change it up. Also, I am finding tunics are great! They would fit great now and later. Old Navy also has some cute stuff right now. I don't buy many things with a print, I choose solids or strips which last longer in style and can be matched more easily with many different outfits. Hope that helps a bit.

    Oh, and find a GOOD pair of jeans! I love Gaps Long and Lean personally. I usually get them when they are 40% off, which makes them much cheaper. But they are soooo worth it!


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