Colson's 6th Birthday

I know I am behind on posts--like Hailey and Hannah's Birthday and Christmas--and I plan to catch up soon!! But for right now, I have Colson's birthday pictures on my phone and not my camera so I will do an update on his party. 

So...Colson turned 6! SIX! 

On his actual birthday, we had lunch with him at school.

Then, for his party, Colson wanted a Star Wars theme. 

I have yet to see any of the movies so I was totally clueless, but with a bit of help, I think we did ok in the planning department.

I made chocolate covered pretzels aka lightsabers and I tried my hand at fondant to make Colson's cakes.

By request of the birthday boy he wanted a taco/nacho bar again. It was a big hit!

He had a great birthday!

He is now fully stocked with nerf guns and has been replenished with lego sets!

And the day couldn't go by without acknowledging the other birthday boy.

Dodger turned 14 so we celebrated with a little 'cake' for him too.

Happy 14th birthday, old man!



  1. Love his face in the present pictures!! And I remember when you got Dodger!! His age = our years of friendship. :o)

  2. Happy Birthday to Colson! He's a boy after my own heart, a taco/nacho bar?! I would have that at every party if it was up to me! My 6yr old is also super obsessed with Star Wars :)


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