Tummy Time

Hailey has been doing really well holding up her head. She is becoming so much more aware of things.

Too bad Hannah and Colson have to be all up in her business! :oP Oh the joys of being the third child, I guess. Poor Hailey.
It's just hard to believe this little peanut is going to be 2 months old this weekend.

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  1. We had a flower activity mat like that....that I ruined by washing. Opps.
    YEs, I have a feeling Mackenzie will be all up in Ethans business.
    Also, how is she 2 months already?!!? You JUST had her!!

  2. This is exactly how tummy time or any floor time looks at our house too! Baby in the middle and surrounded by siblings. Although Mila is not a fan at all of tummy time. I'm talking 3 mins max before she looses it. But she will sleep on my chest on her tummy. Go figure.


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