A Visit From The Tooth Fairy

So this happened yesterday.

My baby girl lost her first tooth!

It had been loose for a while but yesterday it finally got loose enough for her to pull it out.

How is my first baby already loosing teeth?? She can't possibly be old enough! :o(

But I knew that she was going to be losing it soon so yesterday morning we went to the fabric store so she could pick out some fabric for her tooth fairy pillow.

It's a good thing I worked on it all afternoon because she lost it that night after dinner.

She was pretty excited to put it in the pillow's pocket for the tooth fairy...as was her brother. :o)

In the morning the tooth fairy had left a little note and a dollar! :o)

Hannah has another loose tooth that isn't too far behind the one she just lost. I'm thinking she'll lose that one in the next day or two.

We're just keeping that tooth fairy busy! :o)


  1. You are keeping the tooth fairy busy!! I'm in a year has only lost 2 teeth, and she will be 8 in September! Crazy kid wants to keep all her baby teeth I'm thinking =)

    1. I can't believe she has already lost her first tooth. She just doesn't seem old enough! Maybe she's an early tooth loser?? Either way, I don't like it! :oP


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