Which One?

So I want to get a baby sling... maybe two...because I can't decide if I want one with rings or not.

I have found a few on ETSY that I like but I can't seem to narrow them down.  Which ones do you like?

1.  NEW - Eggplant - Deliciously soft Tencel Twill Ring Sling Baby Carrier - instructional DVD $45.00

2.  Earthy Floral Batik Sling - Red - also comes in olive green or blue $33.00

3.  City Girl Pink Espresso Baby Sling - Reversible with In-Seam Pocket (Add matching burp cloth just Five Dollars) $34.00

4.  Mint flower print pouch style baby carrier- Size Medium $35.00

5.  Pink and Brown Dots Ring Sling All Sizes $38.00

6.  Black Microfleece Pouch Baby Sling for Newborn to Toddler by Gorgeousbaby $54.00

7.  Purple Dots and Purple Damask Pouch Sling made with Moda Fabric Sizes M, L and X Small $22.00


  1. Ohhh I love it when people get into the good baby gear!! hehe! Ok, here is my opinion. The pouch slings are super easy to use, but less adjustable. Ring slings are nice b/c you can customize the size basically to how big the baby is, or the carry you are using at the time. THey also have great coverage for when you are breastfeeding in them. Tough decision on your part, I like both ring slings and pouch slings for different reasons. I know Target carries some pouch slings, you could always go and try one on and see how you like it.

    www.peanutshell.com and www.luckybabyslings.com has some great ones too. I have had both and love them! :) Have fun deciding! They are a life saver and I recommend them to everyone! How else do you expect to get dinner on the table with a fussy baby...answer...pop her in the sling and you have a happy baby!! :)

  2. P.S. #'s 2,3,and 6 are my favorites. :)

  3. I really like number 2

  4. i like 1, 3, and 6!



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