Broken Bone

Yes, that's right....Colson has his first broken bone.

Want the story? Of course you do. But it's not as interesting as you would think...

It all started last Wednesday. After he woke up from his nap, I noticed that he was limping and favoring his left leg. I didn't really think anything of it. There was never an incident where he cried out in pain to make me think that it was something serious. I just figured maybe he stepped on a toy and tweaked his ankle or something.

Well, the following Tuesday he was still limping. On Wednesday, one week later, I decided to call the pediatrician to see if maybe they should look at him and yes, they did want to see him.

So, yesterday we went to the pediatricians. From just examining him they really could not tell that anything was wrong...other that the limp. So they decided an X-ray would be the best idea.


Well, they called with the results of the X-ray this morning...yep, he has a hairline fracture on the left fibula...which is the small bone of the lower leg.

*parent fail*

I feel like such a bad parent that I waited so long to get this looked at. But, in our defense, we seriously did think that he just stepped on a toy.

I just want to know how I have managed to go 30 years without breaking a bone, and now here is our not even 18 month old son and he has a broken leg.


The only thing I can think if is that the kids where playing and maybe Hannah fell on his leg??? It really is a mystery!

But is this a sign of things to come?

Accident prone?

All boy?

Either way, I'm already stressing out!

The good news... He does not need a cast. The fracture is already healing because the injury is a week old.

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  1. Welcome to boys! :) The Urgent Care center doc here has a joke that we have a running 6 month appt there for stitches. It happens, boys are rough, they climb and jump and throw things, etc. As much as you supervise, you can't always prevent it.

    Hang in there, kids are so resilient! He'll bounce back in no time!

  2. Aww this is sad! and as a boy mom, a little scary! It's amazing that he was *just* limping and there was no indication it was anything worse. I would have TOTALLY done the same thing (wait a week to go to the doc). Thanks for sharing!

  3. Aww, poor little man! I'm glad he won't need a cast. Hopefully it will continue to heal and he'll be back to 100% soon!

  4. Oh no, poor Colson!! Don't be hard on yourself, you couldn't have known! Hope he feels better soon!

  5. Thanks girls! The little guy doesn't even seems phased by it so hopefully he'll be 100% very soon!

  6. I'm so glad he's doing well with it!

    I tagged you in a "10 things about me" post, by the way. :)


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