10 Things About Me

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1. I know the themes songs to more cartoons than I am willing to admit. I am not proud of this...

2. I love pickles! I am very sad that we were not able to make it to the Porter County Fair to get some fried pickles. Maybe we'll make it to the Lake County Fair next week...if not, we're going to Hooters! I know they have some! Wonder if the hubs will put up a fight when I ask him to go to Hooters!? :oP

3. I LOVE the red freeze pops. Nick likes all the other colors except the red ones. It's perfect! We were meant to be together!

4. I always have to have polish on my toenails...even in the winter.

5. I love trying new recipes.

6. Baby fever has hit HARD! Between my adorable niece and my soon to be niece or nephew shoe is due to arrive in October, this girl wants another baby of her own!

7. I am excited to start quilting. It will be fun to tackle and learn something new.

8. Ever since Hannah was born I had been straightening my hair more times than not. But is the past few months I have gone back to my curly hair and been loving it!

9. I am already planning Hannah's birthday party that will be in October. Milk and Cookies, anyone!?

10. I usually talk to my bestie, who lives 3 hours away, more times in one day than I do to my mom who lives right down the road.

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  1. Haha! Some days I talk to you more than my husband! :) I wish we lived even closer so we could quilt together! It is an exciting new craft!! Wonder what will happen to all our crochet projects..... :)

  2. Love you facts! And cannot wait to hear more about Hannah's birthday plans! I'm always in for milk and cookies :)

    1. Thanks to Pinterest, I have tons of fun idea in my head! I will definitely be doing blog posts closer to time!

  3. Oh, and pickles, is there something your not telling me. :oP

    1. I wish we lived closer too so we could quilt! Does that makes us old ladies??? I mean, we ARE 30 now... :o/
      And no, nothing to tell you. I just love pickles! Haha! :o)


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