Meeting Santa

It's that time of year again, where parents torture their young children by making them sit on a scary old man's lap...aka Santa.

Colson...almost 2...enough said. He waved to him as we walked up but once I put him in his lap, the two photos are what followed.
The first photo is not so bad...

But them...meltdown!

I'm sorry, but I think those photos are hilarious! I have one of Hannah screaming as well and I know I will always look at these photos and just laugh.

As you can see, however, Hannah is not in that photo with Colson. It's not because I wanted them to have separate pictures, it's because Hannah would not come within 20 feet of Santa.

That was not the reaction I was expecting, as Hannah has been talking about telling Santa what he wants for quite some time now. But nope, once she saw the old scary man...I guess she changed her mind. So Colson got his photo taken alone.

I was not one to admit defeat, however, on Hannah dismissing Santa. I needed that photo! Needed it! :oP So after some bribery with a sucker and convincing her to take Santa a sucker, as well, we finally got her to stand next to him.
I'll take it! (Notice the sucker in his hand! :oP)

Do I wish I would have been able to get one of both of my kids sitting on Santa's lap at the same time? Yes. But pick your battles. I figured I had tortured my children enough for the day! :oP

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  1. We had to bribe Hunter to stand near Santa too. Like you, I "needed" the picture!

  2. We haven't taken Mackenzie. Not sure if we will. Erin thinks its mean. Plus the good mall is like an hour away.

  3. This totally made me laugh =) Emma has always been ok with Santa. When she was really little she wasn't a huge fan but she would sit on his lap. The Easter Bunny on the other hand....FORGET IT!! She wouldn't go anywhere near him. I do have one picture of her with the bunny though screaming her head off...and of course I bought it!
    I love Hannah's outfit by the way! Very cute!

    1. I think the ones of them screaming are the best! :oP
      And I love Hannah's outfit too. A gift from grandma! :o)

  4. OMG I had to laugh at these too!! One of my coworkers recently said that she doesn't take her kids to see Santa because what's the point of having a crying picture? UM - are you serious?! These are the best memories I think!! haha. I haven't taken my 9 month old but I'm 95% she'll scream her head off! lol

    1. They are definitely the best memories! I will always look at these photos and laugh! They are priceless! :o)


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