Family Christmas–Mom's Side

Yet again, Christmas has snuck up on me. 

Maybe it's because I am older? 
Maybe it's because we have had such unseasonably warmer weather? 
Maybe it's because I have my hands full with two kiddos? 

Didn't I just throw Hannah's 4th Birthday party? 
Wasn't it just Halloween?

Either way, I'm not ready for it to be Christmas. BUT it is Christmas...well in a week...but the parties have begun!

This past weekend was our family christmas for my mom's side.

There was no snow which was a bummer. Actually, it was almost 50 degrees out so we didn't even wear coats. (That right there just made it not feel like Christmas.)

But we dressed up in some nice christmas-y clothes, enjoyed the company of family, ate some appetizers, listened to Christmas music, and exchanged and opened presents.

I will do a separate post about the appetizers I made, but here are some photos.

I was unsuccessful at getting a photo of the two kids together. It's either one wants a photo and the other does not or they both do not want their photo taken. So frustrating.

 Colson could not wait to open presents!

 The gifts were a hit! Colson loved his trains and Hannah loved her My Little Ponies.

Colson also helped himself to a dessert...which he also loved. He just walked up to the counter, grabbed a treat, and came into the living room and sat down. We were all cracking up and he didn't even seem to notice! :oP He was in his own chocolate world!
And we couldn't end the night without taking the self couple portrait. :o)

Family Christmas Party #2 is this coming Saturday with my dad's family. Maybe we'll have snow??? We have a chance for some...

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  1. I have been feeling the same way about Christmas this year! It feels like it snuck right up on us. We are just getting our outdoor Christmas lights up today. And honestly we weren't going to put them up, but Emma said last night she was sad we didn't have lights this when she gets home from school today they will all be up! Hope this makes her happy! haha =)

    And your appetizers looks soooo good. Share your recipes! I have a Christmas party coming up and am always looking for something new and yummy to bring =) Love all your photos! =)

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time! I love the photos!


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