The past two weekends we have spend a lot of time in the pool.

Hannah, ever since the first time we put her in the pool, has loved swimming. She is a fish! And now that she is getting older and can wear water wings instead of a full body floaty, she is able to swim and play around in the pool more on her own. She LOVES it! She wants daddy to thrrow her in the air, and she is even jumping stepping into the water.
Hannah and grandma 
Hannah with Uncle Travis, Aunt Mandi and papa
Hannah and daddy
4th of July weekend was Colson's first time in the pool. He's still not too sure about bath time so he wasn't too sure about the pool either. But this past weekend we put him in the pool again and he seemed to enjoy it...kicking his little legs and everything!
Colson with grandma and Aunt Mandi
Colson, mommy and daddy
As for me...I am on the hunt for a new swimsuit top. 2 babies has made me all things boobalicious (even more so than before) and I hate it. My old tops don't cover the girls too well anymore so I need to get a new top (or 2!). My bottoms still fit although now there is a nice pudge at the top. Ugh! I refuse to buy new bottoms though! Must do sit-ups!

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  1. Loving the pool pics, looks like fun!! I know what you mean about the swim suits, I need some too!! check out jcrew sale ones!!

  2. oh, want to trade buttons? Im adding yours now because i think its super cute!

  3. Thanks, Jill! I'll have to check out JCrew!
    And I am following you and have added your button! :o)

  4. Um, yeah I thought my upper half was settling down until yesterday. I swear they grew!! Again. Ugh. And what's worse Erin can't stop staring and mentioning it. Double ugh.

    I also must start losing weight but I must wait for my 6 week check up.

  5. Nick is the same way...
    And I have been working out for about two weeks (alternating 30 day shred and core rhythms) and so far I have nothing to show for it! Not a single pound lost. It sucks!

  6. I love Colson's little swim float...I need to get those! Great pictures!


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