DIY—Canvas Art

Here is another DIY that I tackled this past week. It was inspired by a Pinterest find.
There are going to be 4 canvases total—LAUGH, DREAM, SMILE, and LOVE but I still need to paint LOVE. I need to buy a letter 'O' for the word LOVE. The store was out of O's when I bought my letters. :oP

I bought the white canvases and the wooden letters at Michaels. The canvases came in packs of 2 for, if I remember correctly, $3.99--maybe $4.99. There was a sale though so they were half off. So I got 4 8x10 canvases! The 1 inch wooden letters were $0.39 each so those totaled about $7. White paint was $2. Then to top everything off, I had a coupon for 20% off my entire purchase! Score!

If I had to do this project over, I would buy smaller canvases. I think the letter size to canvas size is a bit off. But all-in-all I like how they turned out. I will probably put them in our master bedroom after we get done repainting it a lovely shade of grey.  :o)

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