Playtime Fun

Colson is really loving his toys. He is constantly reaching for different ones and tries to move himself forward to get to them. 
He is able to completely lift his tummy off of the ground. I don't remember Hannah being able to do that (Hannah was an army crawler for the most part).
Colson has also taken on a love with his bumbo. Okay, it was actually his sister's bumbo, hence why it's purple, but he'll live with the color. 
 Before he would arch his back and refuse to sit in it.
We are slowly getting to the sitting up unassisted stage. I think in a few more weeks he'll be able to balance himself with toppling over.

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  1. very cute!!! And purple totally works for him. :)

    (visiting from TAT)

  2. That's such a fun stage. I miss my little guy sitting in his little bumbo.

    Visiting from TAT but already follow!


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