Ultrasound Update

Yesterday was a great day! Not only was it our 3 year wedding anniversary but we got to see our little peanut kicking and squirming around on screen.

My appointment was at 9:00 and as we were sitting in the waiting room out little one was going to town kicking my really full badder. We went back for the ultrasound and even the technician commented on how active he/she was being. Peanut even did a complete flip while she was taking measurements.

Everything looks okay though. Our little one has two arms and two legs. We saw its little toes. The tech said based on the measurements that my due date was February 12th but since its so close to my original they didn't change it (I don't think it matters though because this little one will be coming early!). The technician was even able to get a clear view of the gender. It took her all of like 2 seconds to find it. She wrote the results down and sealed them in an envelope for us so right now the only people who know the gender of our child is the technician and the bakery person that we talked to! :o) It's driving me nuts but we will find out the results in 2 more days when we cut into the cake at our reveal party! We can't wait! :o)

After the ultrasound we met with my doctor. He didn't say anything about the ultrasound so I don't know if he hadn't looked at the results yet or if no news is good news. I'll stick with the latter until I go in next week for a blood pressure check and I see if he says anything.

And speaking of blood pressure...yeah, mine went up. It was 154/90. Yikes! That's not good so I walked out of the office with a prescription for a high blood pressure medicine. :o( I go back next week so they can check my pressure again. He said that I will have another ultrasound in 6 weeks and probably a couple more after that. I will also have a few non-stress tests done from here on out to make sure peanut is okay. So we're keeping an eye on things. We obviously don't want things to get any worse because that would just be bad. Hopefully the high blood pressure medicine works and keeps my pressure down a bit!

I will leave you with a few ultrasound photos! :o)



  1. I am so excited to get to know the gender! Be sure to post about it as soon as possible!! :o))

  2. Ohhhh the suspense is killing me!!! So glad the little one is doing well!


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