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At every doctors appointment I have had for this pregnancy, my blood pressure has been high. Not severely high but high enough to have it be a topic of conversation. It's either been in the 140s/80s or the 130s/90s. That's not high enough to warrant a prescription for medication (thanks goodness) but like I said, we have talked about it at every appointment and if it gets any higher, I get to start taking meds. 

At my appointment this past Tuesday I asked my doctor what the chances were of me needing to be induced again because of this, and he said pretty good. He said most likely around 38 or 39 weeks. Of course we won't know specifics until we get closer to delivery time, but as it stands now, it looks like baby #2 will not make it to my original delivery date of February 15th and he/she will come more towards the beginning of February. I just hope that that is the earliest he/she makes an appearance!

My doctor also said that I will most likely have more ultrasounds after my anatomy scan just to monitor the baby and make sure its growing ok. High blood pressure can restrict the growth of the baby so we want to make sure he/she is cooking away nicely in there!

So yes, blood pressure drama already and I'm only 17 weeks. With Hannah it didn't happen until after 30 weeks. I hope hope hope that this stays only a minor issue and we don't go into full blown craziness over here!



  1. Sending get well wishes (well get well bp wishes)!

  2. that's not good. I hope it will all turn out positive both for you and the baby. I'm sure!
    Baby's birthday on Feb 6th now seems to be more probable... ;-))

    With my best wishes!


  3. Aww, good luck mama! I was induced with Carter at 38w0d due to BP (and b/c he was a monster baby, lol.) Brynn too, actually ;)

    Were you induced with Hannah??

  4. Jenni-

    Yes, I was induced with exactly 38 weeks. Looks like that might happen with this baby as well. :o/


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