Apple Picking 2010

Yesterday was such a beautiful day so we decided to go apple picking. It was the first weekend the orchard was open and it was super crowded, but I'm so glad we went. The honeycrisp apples (aka best apples on earth!) were almost all picked and if we would have waited another weekend there would have been none left.  Luckily though, we came home with 7 pounds of wonderful honeycrisp apples!

Hannah had a blast! At first the tractor driver scared her but after she got over it, all she wanted to do was pick apples. We told her to find the red apples so she would go around telling us to 'let's go. red apples.' and then once she got an apple, she had to put it in her bag. She definitely understood what to do this year and she was so cute walking around finding apples. It makes me even more excited to go pumpkin picking and to get our christmas tree! :o)

Here are some photos that I took. (It was hard to get a decent photo of Hannah actually picking an apple this year. The kid moves so fast! :oP)

Mommy and Hannah on the tractor

family shot

On the hunt for the perfect apple

I think daddy may have found a good one!

red apple! :o)

And just because I thought it would be fun to compare... here is a photo from our apple picking adventure last year.
She doesn't even look like the same child! Craziness!



  1. Ohh Fun! Honeycrisp are my favorite too! I may have to go and get some this week. :)

  2. Hannah is so cute!! The difference between this year and last year makes me excited about what Alessia will look like one year from now :o)) must be totally different...

  3. It's crazy how fast the change and grow! I just can't believe Alessia is going to be one year old here pretty soon. Time sure does fly!


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