Onesie Month Stickers

If you have been a reader of my blog since I had Hannah, you know that I did the monthly photos to document how much she has grown. I just wrote the month on a piece of paper. Well, since then they have come out with these super cute stickers that you put on onesies. I think that I might get these instead of just writing on paper. They are much cuter! :oP

Options for a girl:
Onesie Stickers Little Eva Flower-Check Store Home Page for Monthly Specials
Monthly Onesie Stickers Rainbow Brights-Original
Monthly Onesie Stickers Adorable Baby Birds

Options for a boy:
Monthly Onesie Stickers-Ethan
Monthly Onesie Stickers-Hunter
Monthly Onesie Stickers NeckTie

The hard part is going to be picking a design... they are all so cute! There are a ton more options if you check out the sellers etsy site! I'm kind of fond of the birds for a girl and the ties for a boy though. Which ones are your favorite?



  1. I like the first set for a girl and the little ties for a boy. Baby boys in ties are beyond cute :)

  2. This is the same etsy seller as the ones I got Ivy. We went with the Brook PBK ones. Of the ones you picked I like the birds!

  3. I really like the ties for a boy and for girls I like the bright colors. If I'll have a second baby, can I have you buy some for me??? :o)
    PS: I'll answer your email later this evening.


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