Happy 6 Months, Hailey!

Little Miss is now 6 months old.

Half way to being a 1 year old.

Someone hold me!

Hailey is quite the little miss these days. Her personality is coming out more and more and it is so fun! She is a happy baby and loves to smile...well, except when I am trying to get a picture. Then she just stares blankly at me. :o/

We have moved on to 6 month clothes but it's mostly because mommy wanted to start putting her in 'new' outfits. Hailey can still fit into a lot of 3 month stuff still. I can tell that she is definitely on the smaller side.

I doubt she even weighs 15 pounds. She has her 6 month well baby visit next week so I'll update you on her stats after he appointment.

Hailey still does not roll over...in either direction...on a regular basis. She has maybe a handful of times and that's it. I would be slightly worried if it wasn't for her rocking up onto all 4's already. I think she is just a content baby and is perfectly fine with what is in front of her. Why roll?  I'll mention it to the doc though and see what they say.

We started solids the other week. I will do a separate post about this but I will just say that she LOVES her food! :o)

It really is hard to believe that Hailey is already half a year old. Wasn't she just 3 months old? But now is when the fun stuff starts...solids, crawling, teeth. Oh boy! :o)


  1. OMG I could squeeze her!! Time sure does fly! She's so beautiful, she looks just like Colson here!

    Also, what did you use to write on that chalkboard with? I can't seem to find the perfect chalk pen!

    1. Thank you dear!
      I got the chalk markers from hobby lobby. It was just a four pack. Honestly, they are not the best. The purple one I have doesn't seem to work so well. I really need to try to find some different ones. But they have worked okay so far.

  2. Ethan won't even hold his head up when I put him on his belly now. He just lays there and if I try to help him he cries. I'm giving him till his 4 month apt and then I'll say something.
    I can't believe she's 6 months old!!
    Also, previous post comment here - YAY for pre-pregnancy weight!! I'm 5lb from Ethan, 10 from miscarriage, 25 from Mackenzie. Ugh - ill get there like you!! :)

  3. She is just so adorable! I think Hailey and Alyx would make great friends =)


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