Exersaucer Fun!

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We have retired the swing and have brought up the exersaucer from the basement for Miss Hailey to play with.

I am not even sure how Hailey is even old enough to be in this thing. But I guess I have put bringing it upstairs long enough!
She is all about toys these days and really enjoyed sitting up in the exersaucer. She was reaching for and interacting with all of it. :o)

She really likes it when the older two push all of the sound buttons and mess with all of the toys. She will just stare at them and then look at the toy, stare at them, look at the toy. It's like she is taking notes in her head as to how the toys work. :oP

Hailey is just getting too big, too fast!!!

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  1. Aww! Such a big girl! She crazy that she's old enough for the Exersaucer!

  2. Our girls are getting too big too fast! Alyx loves her exersaucer as well!
    And oh my word does Hailey look like Colson in these pictures!!!


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