Hannah's 5 year Stats

Hannah had her 5 year check-up and kindergarten physical last week. 

Here are her stats:

So basically she is tall and skinny. Which isn't a shocker! :oP

She passed her hearing and eye tests and the doctor was impressed that she could recite her address.

Then it was time for the dreaded shots.

She did really well considering she knew going in that she had to get shots. I told her that if she was my brave girl, we could go to Target and get a new Lalaloopsy. :o)

You could tell that the nurses were used to the 5 years shots. I can't imagine that any 5 year old would cooperate nicely. So yeah, it was me and two other nurses helping to hold her still while they have the shots. 

Hannah cried for a bit afterwards but then she was her old self. She especially loved the bright pink band aides. :o) 

I told her how proud I was of her for being so brave and asked her if she was ready to go to Target. 

She picked this lalaloopsy...which seemed very appropriate!

I am relieved that her shots are out of the way. I just still can't believe that in the Fall my first baby will be going to all day kindergarten. :o(

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  1. Shots suck! Glad Mackenzie is done for a few years. I'm pretty sure Mackenzie is following in her tall and skinny footsteps. Tell Hannah to thank mandi for that.....Mackenzie....well I was tall until middle school when the boys caught up, skinny.....I'll get there again :)


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