Happy 10 Months, Colson + Stats

My goodness, our little man is 10 months old today! 
He is crawling all over the place and easily pulls himself up onto things and into a kneeling position. He can crawl up my parents two stairs in their living room and he is currently working on pulling up into a standing position. My original prediction was that he would be walking by Christmas (at almost 11 months). I'm not sure he will get there, but he is definitely ahead of Hannah in these milestones. 
He still loves food and enjoyed eating 'big kid' food on Thanksgiving. 

He still takes two naps a day...one from 11:30-1 and another at 3:30-5. He is also still sleeping wonderfully at night...usually from 8-8 or 8-9.

He is so happy all the time. He loves to play with toys and laugh at his sister. 
It's weird because he is much more active than Hannah ever was! Colson is on the go all the time, checking out everything he can get his hands on; where Hannah just passively watched and really only played with things that were given to her. I love seeing the differences between the two of them!

Tuesday, I took Colson in for his 9 month check-up. And yes, I did mean 9 months, even though he is now 10 months. (However, I did learn that the percentiles are adjusted accordingly for his actual age--so these percentiles are based off of 10 month olds.)

Here are his stats:

Weight—18 lbs 8 ounces
(+1 lbs 12 ounces from his 4 month appointment)
12th percentile

Height—27 inches
(+1.5 inches)
5th percentile

Head Circumference—45.5 cm
(+1.7 cm)
46th percentile

As you can tell, he has fallen behind on his weight and on his height even though the kid loves his loves his food. The pediatrician said that some kids will stall for a bit growth-wise but will catch up at the next well baby visit. I am hoping that is the case with Colson. But in the meantime, I have to take him in for a a few weight checks before his 1 year appointment to make sure he doesn't completely fall off the charts.
And just for comparison, here are Hannah's 9 month stats:

weight -- 19.3 lbs
height -- 28 inches 
head -- 43.6 cm

As you can see, Hannah exceeds Colson in the weight and height department; and her stats were taken right at 9 months old.

But other than the slight fall behind in the stats, the pediatrician said he looks great and is actually quite surprised that he is that low in the percentiles. All we can do is feed him and hope he catches back up. :o)

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