Professor Bug

I wish I could tell you that the following photos were a result of us practicing wearing our goggles for our upcoming beach vacation...

I mean, why else would my daughter be wearing goggles inside the house?

But sadly that is not the case. *hangs head in shame*

The following photos are because of The Backyardigans.

**I must forewarn you, though, that if you have never heard of or watched The Backyardigans (particularly this specific episode—Robot Rampage), you will have absolutely no idea what I am talking about. So either go quickly look up the episode or just enjoy these photos for their pure humor. :o)

The other day, Hannah was watching The Backyardigans episode Robot Rampage where Pablo is Professor Bug. She loves this episode! (Of course she would love this episode--it is one of the few that is an hour long. Blah!)
As you can see--Pablo wears goggles.

Well, Hannah insisted on wearing her own goggles, so grandma found a couple pairs for her to play with.
She proceeded to march around the living room acting like Professor Bug and going "Hahahaha!".

And while my explanation of my daughter doing this might not be funny, I assure you that watching her do this in person was quite entertaining.

And because I am a mom who believes in fairness--we let Colson have his turn in the goggles, as well!
This has to be, without a doubt, the best photo of Colson—EVER!

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  1. I almost turned that episode on and then noticed it was an hour long. When Mackenzie hears the theme song she starts squealing and laughing and talking. It's so funny!

  2. You know I am going to buy them the full costumes once I find them, then..... look out,hahahaha


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