Rubber Ducky, You're The One

So, I was tired of trying to squeeze Colson into his infant bath tub. For the longest time, I would bathe him in it in the kitchen. Then he started splashing around in the water and I moved it into the tub. Well, he finally just got too big for it and always wanted to sit up so I decided it was time to stop using the infant tub.

So I set out to Babies R Us for an inflatable tub that sits inside your bath tub. The one I wanted wasn't there so I ended up getting this rubber ducky one. :o/ It's fine. It works. But the head gets in my way, the suction cup doesn't keep it hanging up on the tub wall after use, and I think it kind of freaks Colson out because when I first set him in it, he screams and cries. It takes some sweet talking from mom to get him to calm down and actually enjoy bath time and play with his toys.
But once he calms down he loves it. And it's nice that I don't have to worrying about his little butt slipping and bopping his head. Plus, it uses less water than bathing him in the actual tub.

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  1. Ok, I've got to get something like this! J is certainly too big for his little baby whale tub and is dying to sit and splash, but he moves around everywhere when we do that!

    Thanks for sharing, hope Colson doesn't get scared by the ducky for too long :)


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