Toddle Along Tuesday

This weeks TAT is supposed to be all about something you love about your child(ren).

I love when we tell Hannah we love her and she replies with 'I love you more'. It melts this momma's heart! Or her extreme passion, right now, for Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers. Or how she can recite Little Bunny Foo-Foo (a song we sing to her before bed) and include all of my husbands little add-ons (I'll get a video of it one day!).
I love that huge grin Colson gives me every morning when I go in to get him from his crib...or the huge grin he flashes us whenever he is happy or excited. It is the best face in the world! I love the after bottle snuggles and the face planting shoulder hugs. And I love the big belly laughs when I tickle him under his armpits.
But the thing I love most about my children, is watching them play and interact with one another...knowing that they will forever be in each other's lives. It might not happen that often right now, but Hannah is loving on her brother more and more these days. And I just watch them and smile. Hannah will talk softly to her brother, hand him toys, try to hold his hand. Colson just watches every move that his sissy makes. He loves it when she talks to him. He gets that big huge grin on his face. It makes this momma's heart very very full!

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  1. I loved Rescue Rangers when I was little, too! They are too adorable :)


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