The Road To A Better Me--Week 8

I managed to get back on track this week, which was great!

Last week I weighed 148 and this week I am happy to report a 1.5 pound weight loss! So I weigh 146.5.

I started at 156 so I am sooooo close to losing 10 pounds! So close! Next week, for sure I will be able to say I have lost 10 pounds and I am so excited!

5.5 pounds until I get to my pre-pregnancy weight of 141 with Colson.

10.5 pounds until I get to to my pre-pregnancy weight of 136 with Hannah.

Exercising is still not really happening. I just haven't been able to get myself back into it. Once I put the kiddos to bed, I just want to relax, not exercise. So I am just going to have to dig deep and start back up. I have some old DVDs that I might pull out...might help to do something new instead of the ones I was doing before. :o/ I would also like to start walking on the treadmill again.

I just really need to get motivated!

Ugh, so much easier said than done!


  1. Put the kids in the stroller and take a walk. something is better than nothing and some fresh air does everyone some good! :)

  2. Or, what I do is wait until Hubby gets home from work. Then I hand the kids over to him for bath time and I head out on a walk by myself or with a friend.

  3. I dart working out Monday. I don't eat much during the day, so I know its the next step. Plus I was just on Facebook and a girl who had her baby a month after me is probably in a size 0. Gag and shoot me. And I just asked Erin about mds for breakfast. Oops. :o)


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