Busy Weekend

Wow, this past weekend was pretty crazy.

On Thursday, we went out to eat to celebrate our anniversary. We originally went to Asparagus for dinner but sadly they had their two dining rooms blocked off for business presentations and it was an hour long wait. So we decided to go to House of Kobe instead.

Friday, I made the trip down to Indianapolis with Colson to see my sister and brother-in-law. Nick stayed home with Hannah. My parents had also made the drive down there. We went out and got sushi for dinner! Yum! I wish we had a Naked Tchopstix up here because it is sooo gooood!

Saturday, I met with my bestie Sara, who was also in Indy. It had been quite a few months since we had seen each other so it was nice to see her and her daugther Mackenzie. We left the kiddos with our moms so we could have some girl time. We hit up a few stores and had lunch at PF Changs. We got their lettuce wraps and they were delicious. PF Changs is another restaurant that I wish we had up here.

Saturday evening I made the drive back home. I had to get back because I had 200 oreo truffles to make for my sister-in-law's bridal shower that was on Sunday. I managed to get all of the truffles made and I stored them in the fridge overnight.

Sunday morning I woke up and boxed all the truffles and tied the little green bow on all of them. I think everyone at the shower liked them because there was not a single box left on the table with truffles inside. :oP My SIL had a beautiful shower. Just over a month until the big day! I am so excited for her! :o)

It was a busy weekend...and as you can tell by all of the restaurant links in this post (and possibly some unnecessary oreo truffle taste testings), I didn't eat all that well. :o/ But sometimes you just have to have a good time. The scale reflects that good time though, so this week, I must get back on track!


I was a couple days late on posting Colson's 8 month photos but that post is below!

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  1. Yum...I am also a fan of Naked Tchopsticks! You should also try Wasabi on 82nd Street. Yummo!!! You must get the mistake roll if you go there. It is dreamy!!


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