Family Pictures—Outfits

Our family photo session with Amy is quickly approaching and I just finally finalized our outfits.

When it comes to what we wear for family pictures, I might be a bit of a perfectionist. I go to multiple stores to find what I want/need.

But when things fall into place, I am so happy. :o)

This year, after much debate, I decided on the color scheme of navy blue, and yellow/gold with accents of cream and brown.
The only thing I might change is Colson's pants. I might change the brown cords to jeans, but I'm not sure. That and I plan on wearing a long gold necklace of some sort.

I think (hope) that these outfits will looks nice when we're all together. :o)

For those curious as to where these outfits came from, I will do my best to tell you.

Nick's Outfit:

Hannah's Outfit:
shirt and skirt—OshKosh
sweater vest—Carter's
tights—Children's Place

Colson's Outfit:
shirt—Children's Place
shoes—Stride Rite

My Outfit:
navy shirt—Kohls
jeans—Old Navy

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  1. Love them!! We are doing some similar colors. Avonlea and I will be doing a a deep purple.


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