Hannah's 3rd Birthday Party—PICTURES!

Hannah had a great birthday party!

It seemed like everyone enjoyed the food and had a blast dressing up.  :oP

We are so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends! They truly made this day very special for our daughter! We can't thank you all enough!

The Set-Up:

The Cake:

The Presents:

The Fun:

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  1. A. That's a huge peice of cake.
    B. Did she get a new chair?
    C. Looks like you all had a blast!! Wish we had been there see you next week.

    OH and where is Colson??

  2. A. Yes, it was a huge piece of cake! :oP She didn't eat the whole piece though.
    B. Yes, she did get a new chair...with a matching ottoman. :oP
    C. Wish you could have been there too but mommy duties call! :o)

    And Colson was busy being passed around. Kind of looks like he wasn't there but he was. We probably should have gotten some pics of him. :oP


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