8 Months Old!

Little Miss turned 8 months old this past Saturday.

That means we have 4 months until her 1st birthday! What!?

But Miss Hailey is fabulous! She just started saying mama--just in time for Mothers Day. So now she can say both mama and dada. :o)

She is still in mostly 6 month stuff but with the temps getting warmer, I have put her in some of her 9 month summer stuff.

I'm not sure how much she weights but I can tell she is on the smaller side--especially compared to where Hannah and Colson were at this age. She has her next well-baby visit in June--at 9 months.

Hailey loves every food she has tried and I am thinking it might be time to experiment with puffs.

She is very close to sitting up all on her own without toppling over. As I said in my other post, she is just so content laying on the floor and playing. But I think she is slowly realizing that sitting up to play is fun too. :o) My mom got her a fun discovery toy for Christmas that she can sit at and climb through so I think she is finally getting old enough to play in it...I should probably get it set up soon!

We're still not crawling yet--well, forwards anyways. :oP She can go backwards but has not mastered forwards yet.

She has mastered rolling both ways though. So, now she knows that she can roll to get to toys. She has managed to move all over the living room by using a combination of rolling and scooting backwards. :oP

And because she can roll from back to tummy now, she has become a tummy sleeper. I will put her to bed on her back and when I check on her she will almost always be on her tummy. It kind of freaks me out when she sleeps on her tummy but it is what it is.

And lastly, Little Miss finally got her first tooth! Well, it's not a whole tooth yet but her first tooth finally broke through last week. By 8 months old, the other kiddos had two teeth so Hailey got her first tooth last out if all three kiddos. Luckily though, her first tooth didn't give us any real problems. She woke up once at night for about a week as it was cutting through but I would just feed her and she would go back to bed. So it wasn't really am issue. I'll post a pic of her first tooth in another post! :o)

So, there it is...8 months old and getting so big!


  1. Sitting up, first tooth, and saying Mama? Our babies are getting too big =( She is just soooo cute!!

    1. I know!! They need to knock it off! :oP I feel like before I know it, I am going to be planning her 1st birthday party. :o(


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