Hailey's Adventures In Baby Food

I have been promising this post for over a month so I figured it was time to just sit down and write it.

Hailey has loved every food she has tried--even if the photos below make it look like she is not enjoying themt. :oP

I have started the other two out on rice cereal first so I kept with that for Hailey, as well. I figured it's a nice plain starter for them to figure out how to move the food in their mouth.

Here is her first taste of the rice cereal.

Then we moved onto actual veggies. Peas were her first veggie and to my surprise she really liked them.

Every time I gave the kids food, I always waited for them to spit it back out at me. It never happened...which I guess was good, but for some reason I wanted the hilarious videos. :oP

I did manage to get some funny photos though so I have those.

Below is her first taste of butternut squash.

And while, yes, she made the funny face, she actually really loved them. I couldn't get them into her mouth fast enough!

Hailey has gone on to love everything and I have loved making her food!


Butternut squash

Sweet potatoes








I have given her some pre-made baby foods that have strawberry and blueberries in it and she has loved those as well.

Next on the menu is to start giving her food combos with spinach and kale and some more adventurous foods.

I stopped at the basics with the other two kiddos so I am excited to give the other foods a try. Maybe Hailey won't be such a picky eater like her siblings when she is older. :o/ Wishful thinking??? Perhaps!

Anyone have any favorite baby food recipes that they would like to share??? I'm a newb and the combo recipes.

I checked out a book from the library to make the simple foods and I think I am going to have to check it back out for the more adventurous food combos. I know it has recipes that included spinach and cauliflower, etc.

But yeah, there we are. Hailey loves everything so fingers crossed that that carries into toddlerhood. :o)


  1. Sweet sweet girl! I'm so glad she liked everything.

  2. She is just like Alyx! So far every single thing I have given Alyx, she loves!! Yay for good eaters!!


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