On To Kindergarten.

Hannah had her last day of preschool last Thursday.

It was sad to say goodbye to her teachers, but it was nice knowing that next Fall, we will be right back there with Colson. We really do love the school and we are glad that we will be there for a few more years. :o)

I'm not sure I like the fact that I now have a kindergartener though. Actually, no, I take that back...I know I don't like it.

It feels just like yesterday that Hannah was Hailey's age and now here she is, getting ready to start full day school in just a few short months.

It's not fair, how fast time flies!!!

But when Hannah had her first day of preschool, I took a photo of her.

I wasn't going to take a last day of preschool photo but after I saw other parents doing, I wanted to as well.

It's crazy just how much they grow in such a short period of time.


  1. She's such a beautiful big girl! I have two more years until Maddie starts Kindergarten and then Miles is the year after her. I just can't believe how quickly time flies! I should be putting them in PreK but I am just not ready for that! Unlike you, I haven't found a school we love just yet! Hang onto your babies mama! lol

    1. I really is just crazy how fast time flies. I wish it would slow down because I am definitely not ready to have her gone all day. :o(

  2. Oh my gosh! Kindergarten all ready?! Insane!

  3. I can't believe how fast they grow! I'm not ready for preschool.....
    I'm just glad she likes school. I'm worried for Mackenzie, I know I have to find the right preschool for her to have a good experience and it sounds like Hannah's is great! Let the search begin....


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