Hailey's 9 Month Stats

Hailey's had her 9 month well baby visit yesterday.

Here are her stats:
Weight--17.5 pounds (20th percentile)
Height--27 inches (31st percentile)

That is up just over two pounds and 2 inches from her 6 month appointment.

Although she flip flopped in the percentiles. At 6 months her weight was in the 31st percentile and her height was in the 21th percentile. 

Here are the other two kiddos 9 month stats for comparison.

Hannah--19.3 pounds and 28 inches

Colson-- 18.8 pounds and 27 inches (taken two days shy of 10 months old)

So Hailey is definitely the smallest. I can tell that she is fitting into clothes longer than Hannah did and now that I know that Hailey is almost 2 pounds lighter than Hannah at the same age, it makes total sense!

Hailey can still fit into some 6 month stuff but because most of Hannah's summer stuff is 9 months, Hailey is wearing that.

Hailey eats three times a day and has loved every food. The doctor said that as long as it's small enough and soft enough, we can pretty much give her anything she will eat. I might wait a while for that to become the main part of her food and continue baby food but it will be fun to have her practice. She has become a pro with the puffs and has even had some small pieces of watermelon so I'm sure she would do fine. Plus she is drinking from a straw sippy cup too. I just think I want to hold on to the baby-ness as much as possible and I will wait a bit longer on finger foods. :oP

Hailey still sleeps from 8pm to 8am on average at night. During the day she takes two naps...a one hour nap around 10:30 and then another longer nap--usually 2ish hours around 2:30.

She will say dada and mama but I don't think she really relates those words to us yet. And she will say nini--for night night maybe? I always ask her if she's ready for night night. She also loves to blow raspberries, shake her head no, and scrunch up her nose and blow air in and out of it. :oP

She can sit up but now that she can CRAWL so doesn't want to sit. 

Hailey started crawling at the end of May and there has been no stopping her. :o) She is a girl on the go!!

I feel like she has changed so much in the past 2 weeks and I just don't like it. My last baby is getting big way too fast! :o(


  1. Our girls are growing too fast. Sigh. =(
    Hailey is just way too cute!!

  2. I can't get over her stats being 20 and 30 percent when she has those ADORABLE squishy arms! .... AND CHEEKS!

  3. cups, food, crawling....STOP IT NOW!!
    Ethan has tried puffs but chokes even on a small piece so I've stopped. He's going much slower with the food than Mackenzie did. I'm going to take it!

  4. How did you get teach her to drink from the straw? Ive tried every cup imaginable with Mila and she mostly just chews on them.


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