Studio Picture Outfits

Tomorrow I am taking the kiddos to go get their pictures taken.

It's actually mostly for Hailey to have some photos on her own but I am hoping the older two cooperate enough for some nice group photos, as well.

As with any other photo session, I obsessed over the outfits. 

Here is the first set of outfits.

Hailey will have individual photos taken wearing that cute lacy romper--which I love. I also love the headband I ordered for much so that I ordered Hannah a matching clip (currently clipped on the dress). :o)

And here is the second set of outfits.

The girls will wear orange bows with these outfits.

Hailey's romper was the first thing I ordered. Then I got Hannah's dress at The Childrens Place and ordered the matching bows. I had a hard time with Colson's first outfit...I originally wanted something cream with grey shorts to keep with the brighter airy feel. But yeah, a boys all cream top is not so easy to find so I settled on a cream and navy blue top with navy shorts. 

Then I wanted to have a second outfit option. I walked through Kohls twenty times before I finally decided on the outfits in the second picture. 

I am pleased with what I came up with and I really hope everyone is well behaved and we get some really nice photos.

Fingers crossed that everyone is in a good mood and has happy smiley faces!! :o)


  1. Adorable outfits! Can't wait to see the pics!

  2. I love all the outfits! Especially Hannah's dress that you got at The Childrens Place! Super cute!!!


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