How are we into the last week of June? Wasn't Hannahs last day of preschool....yesterday? No? Yeah, that's right, it was a month ago. What's up with that?

But I feel like this whole month it's been raining. Especially this past week. And not just drizzling rain, i'm talking thunder and lightening down pouring rain. That doesn't really allow the kids to go outside an play very much when the yard is a mushy mess. :o/ we go out when we can but because of the rain, it is sooooo humid out that we only stay out there for an hour tops. It's supposed to be slightly cooler the rest of the week so holefully things dry out and we can go outside.

All Hannah wants to do is go outside and that is because she finally mastered the art of swinging. She has finally gotten the timing of everything down so we no longer have to push her! She is so proud if herself! :o)

Colson doesn't like the fact that Hannah can swing because he can't quite yet. He's actually so short that he can even get on the swing by himself. :o( Poor guy. So we have to push him for now...but he seems okay with that for the time being.

Hailey, she is all over the place these days. Crawling everywhere. Pulling up onto anything. I have resisted the urge to get the pack n play but that time is approaching ever nearer. They say to get rid of the exersaucer when they start pulling up onto things so I guess it's time to take that downstairs. :o/ That is what I am using when I want to go to the bathroom and get some thing done around the house. But, I guess it's time to retire it for the third and final time.

I am officially starting on Hailey's first birthday. We have just over 2 months to go so I want to slowly start on some DIY projects that I have in mind. Theme--hot air balloons. Love it?? I do and am pretty excited to get started on things! She has her perfect dress to wear from Jelly the Pug that has hot air balloons on it, so we expand from there. I'll do a separate post soon about some of the ideas I have found and what I plan on doing. :o)

Today I am getting my hair done. Yay for a little bit of me time!! We have a wedding to go to Saturday so I wanted to freshen up the highlights! :o)

Speaking of the wedding... I bought a black pencil skirt to wear to it. Totally outside of my comfort zone!!! But the hubs approved so I decided to go with it. Although I had no idea what too to wear with it...I am a pencil skirt newb. So I turned to Facebook and was told to find a nice flowy top that I can tuck in. So that's what I did--I got a nice cream flowy top. I hope it looks as nice as I think it does. :o/ I also got a cute statement necklace to wear. Now I just have to decide on my black heels or my nude heels. I'm leaning towards nude. Man, this dressing up stuff is complicated. Can you tell that I don't have to do it much!? :oP

Then, Thursday, I am taking the kiddos to get their photos taken. We're just going to a studio which I am not a huge fan of...I prefer the outside pictures better, but that's okay. The photos are really for Hailey. Every other kid had some nice studio shots when they were a baby so I didn't want to leave Hailey out. Bonus points for the other two cooperating for some group photos while we're there. I got them outfits and everything so i plan on coming out of there with at least one nice photo of all three of them. I'll do a post tomorrow about the outfits I have pulled together. :o)

Less than 4 weeks until vacation...not that i'm counting or anything! :oP


  1. You must be having the same weather we are! Ugh. It's thunder storming as I write this too!

  2. ACK! How have I missed so much?! This no FB thing is not working. (and don't tell me I've had my own crap - I still should not have missed so much!) :/
    I want to see a wedding picture!


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