One month from today we load the kids up in the car to make an 8 hour drive up to Mercer, Wisconsin for our family vacation. 

I am just over 1 year old in this picture and I went to Mercer every summer until my grandparents sold their cabin in 2002. 

It made me incredibly sad when they sold it because I always looked forward to the day we would take our kids up to 'Consin' (that's what I used to call it). To fish on the lakes I fished on all my life. To run through the pine trees. To go to the petting zoo. To buy useless souvenirs from the wampum shop. To just enjoy nature.

Well, we finally get to take the kiddos!!!

We might not be staying in my families old cabin but we are staying on the same lake. And we will go to the putting zoo. And you can bet your ass that I will let the kids pick out whatever useless crap that they want!!! 

I am so hoping the next month flies by because I am probably more excited than the kids to go on vacation! :o)

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  1. So much fun!! I'm hoping the next month floes by too! We're going on a vacation too!


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