Hailey's First Tooth

Hailey's first tooth has finally popped through--right at 8 months old.

It's very hard to get a picture of the instide of an 8 month olds mouth because if they are not trying to bite you, they are drooling all over you and teying to stick their tongue out. :oP

So, this picture was the best I could do.

Can you see it?

Hannah got her first tooth just after 7 months old and had her second one coming in shortly thereafter. And Colson got his first tooth at 6 and a half months old.

I knew Hailey was getting her first tooth later than the other kids but then when I looked back to see when theirs came in, I was surprised at just how much later Hailey was getting hers.

Luckily, that first tooth didn't give us too many problems. She wanted to chew on things a bit more and there were some random 3am wake-ups but that was about it. I didn't have to bring out the Tylenol or frozen teething rings or anything.

I have been lucky when it comes to teething and the kids. The only reason I knew Hannah was getting a new tooth was because her right cheek would turn red. Otherwise she was completely fine. And with Colson, I knew a new tooth was going to pop through soon when his butt would break out in a pretty bad diaper rash--I'm guessing from all of the extra saliva. But both of them never really whined or needed much when their teeth came in, so hopefully Hailey is the same way! *fingers crossed*

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