Baby Burrito

My little baby burrito all swaddled and ready for bed.
In sleeping news, Colson has upped his sleeping time from 6-7 hours to 8-9+ hours.  The only thing I have done differently is I blocked the night light from shining on his face at night. Before it would kind of light up the side of his face but I put a blanket draping over the end of the table to kind of block that light. And what do you know...for the last 4 nights he has slept 8-9 hours and actually on Tuesday he slept for 9+ hours.
 I swear I don't give my children sleeping pills or tranqualizers.  :oP
All I do is feed him, change his diaper, swaddle him and lay him down in his craddle--while still awake, turn the fan on and the lights off. This is the bedtime routine every night. We only swaddle him at night and we only put him in his cradle at night. For naps he will usually sleep in his swing.
So I'm not sure what I am doing that is so special to where he's sleeping 8-9 hours, but I sure will take it! :o)

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