Long Overdue Office Photos

My office isn't finished yet in terms of decorations but I figured I would post some photos of my 'pretty much finished' office space. :o)
A full sized bed for guests.
I would love to one day have matching side tables.
I would alsp like to do something 'fun' with this wall.

My desk area.
I want to add another cubicle book shelf on the other side of that ugly bookshelf to kind of 'hide' it. Or I might just get ride of that ugly cheapy bookshelf all together. 

My sewing/craft table.
I can't wait to be able to sit down here and create things! :o)

I love having my own office. It's my personal space. I have my own space to design on my computer and I have my own space to sew and do crafts. Although, right now it a bit hard to get down here and enjoy it.

I know though, that in a year or two when our living room space in the baswement is finished, I will be able to take full advantage of my office because the kids will be 10 feet away from me. I will be able to come down here and work while they play and watch movies, not just when they are taking a nap. I will be able to work on crafts and projects which I really really miss!

I plan to pay Home Goods a visit to buy some decorations for my office. I'll do another post on my fun finds! :o)

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  1. Love it!! The space is so big!! Really something you can grow into. And I absolutely love the floors!!

  2. Guest bed sounds good ;-))))))


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