2 Month Well Baby Visit

Colson had his 2 month well baby visit today (yes at 2 and a half months old).

Here are his stats:
Weight—11 lbs 12 ounces
(up 3 lbs and 14 ounces from his 2 week appointment)
50th percentile
Height—22 1/4 inches
(+2.5 inches)
25th percentile
Head Circumference—39.4 cm
35th percentile

He also got his 2 month shots. He did pretty well. He cried but as soon as I was able to pick him up he was fine.

The doctor said everything looks good and that I am very lucky that I have a baby sleeping 8 and 9 hours each night. 

It's funny because I looked back on my posts about Hannah and at this age, I was super excited that she was sleeping 5 and 6 hours at night. How am I so lucky to have two kids that LOVE to sleep? I just hope that Colson will keep on his sleep schedule once we stop swaddling him at night...because that day is coming fast! We'll stop swaddling him somewhere between 3 and 4 months!

Colson is smiling all the time now and even 'talks' to us. He still hates tummy time. He will usually cry and scream for the first half hour and then I think he tires himself out because then he just falls asleep. I think he's getting better and starting to like it more, but we definitely have a ways to go! :oP He is still in 0-3 months clothes although I am putting him in some 3 month stuff because they are just too cute to wait! He eats 5-6 ounces every 5-ish hours during the day and will take his last feeding around 10pm. He then wakes up at 6am and we start all over again. :o)

And just for comparison sake, here is what Hannah's 2 months stats were:

weight—11 lbs
height—22 ins
head—37.7 cms

I would say that for the most part they are pretty much the same...being how Hannah's appointment was 3 days before she turned 2 months old and Colson wasn't until he was 2 and a half months old.

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