Easter Day

We had a crazy busy Easter Day!

In the morning we did baskets at our house.
The Easter bunny left some fun things! :o) 

The onesie says 'Daddy and I agree, mommy is the boss'  :oP
Then we went to papa Tom and grandma Deb's house where the Easter bunny left more goodies for the kids! We had breakfast and Hannah went on an egg hunt.
Auntie Mandi and Uncle Travis got Hannah a fishing pole (separate post to come!).

After breakfast, we came home and opened our Easter basket from papa Brian and grandma Karole.
Fun craft stuff!
As well as our basket from papa Dave and grandma Debbie.
Baking utensils so Hannah can help grandma make more cookies!
And finally we drove out to the great grandparent's house where there were even more goodies and we did another egg hunt.

Colson was obviously too young to go open his baskets on his own
so I feel like he kind of got left out on the picture front...
so I had to include this photo of our little man with grandma.
The best kind of eggs...the ones with money inside!

Hannah and Colson had a great Easter! All of the 'Easter bunnies' were way too generous in their gifts but Hannah and Colson thank them very much! :o)

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