Easter Fishin'

Hannah got a fishing pole in her Easter basket from her Aunt Mandi and Uncle Travis. So what better way to break it in, than to do a little Easter fishin'! :o)

After we had breakfast and did the egg hunt we all headed down to the pond.

Hannah did end up catching a catfish. It was one of the ugliest fish I have ever seen. Ew!

But Hannah had a blast and has already asked to go fishing again! I'm sure that makes the papas very happy! :oP

And what is fishing if you don't get a little dirty!? In between her fishing, Hannah was busy throwing dirt and rocks into the pond.

I really can't wait until we can take Hannah up to Wisconsin, where I always went as a child, to go fishing. I know she would have a blast! I think she'll really love going out on the boat. *sigh* Hopefully one day soon we'll be able to go.

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