Birthday Party Cookies

With Hannah's birthday party being tomorrow (ummm, when did that happen?), I have been up to my eyes cookie dough. I have spent the past week making cookies and freezing the dough so it would be easier on me when the party got closer.

Well, yesterday I spent the majority of the day baking all of the cookies. I have over 400 cookies sitting on my kitchen counter...and I have not eaten a single one! What is up with that?

But my house smelled delicious yesterday and I am so glad that those are done! Now I can spend today cleaning and decorating and tomorrow I can make the appetizers.

Curious as to the cookies I made for the party??? I know you are! :o) I will share them with you! And I'll be sure to take photos of everything tomorrow so stay tuned for a birthday party post!

Here are the 9 different cookies.

Red Velvet:

Pumpkin--I added chocolate chips:

Butter Pecan:

Peanut Butter Cup:

Apple Pie:

Snicker doodle:

Oreo Cheesecake:

Chocolate Chip:

Oatmeal--I added raisins:

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  1. I just lost a pound and broke through the number I've been at for 2 weeks!
    Thanks friend!! :oP
    I'm sure they will be yummy! I'll just have to be good and resist the temptation. I will have a toddler to run after so that should be easy. :o)

    Can't wait to see you! Erin said we would leave by 10 (I'm sure it'll be closer to 10:30) so we can hang out before the party.

  2. Those cookies partnered with games, food treats, and favours like football party bags will surely make an unforgettable birthday gathering. Happy cookie munching!


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