TAT--Christmas Lists

Christmas is less than two months away (ahhhh!) and I have already been thinking about the kiddos Christmas gifts for some time now.

The first thing that I am super excited about is actually a handmade gift by yours truly. :o) I am making these for both kiddos.

I already have the fabric, I just need to buy the pillows and sew everything. I really think they are going to love laying on them while they watch movies. :o)

The kids could also use some bath toys.

For Hannah we are trying to go the education route for a lot of her toys. So I'm sure Santa will be bringing a few of these goodies down the chimney.

And then we'll do something fun too! Maybe one or two of these...

Colson is going to be a bit easier to buy for. Anything that is a car related will be a win.

Plus, I'm sure we'll find a few other fun things for him.

I would love to get my Christmas shopping done for the kids early this year and most of this I can get off of Amazon so that is awesome. Any time I can avoid Toy R Us during the crazy holiday season is a huge bonus in my book! :o)

Linking up with Melissa from Growing Up Geekyfor Toddle Along Tuesday. What things are one your kids Christmas list?

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  1. Love the cushion idea! I wish I had your skills.

  2. Visiting from the Tottle Along. I don't know why I didn't add bath toys. Shirley Temple loves bath toys. I love those pillow things. I have wanted to make some for awhile now. Problem is, I have never touched a sewing machine before....


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