Where It All Began.

August 1996.

It was our first day of high school.

I have been told by the hubs, that from the first moment he saw me in English class, he knew we would be together. *aw*

But he didn't have the courage to ask me out until the last day of freshman year. And actually, he didn't even ask me out...he had one of his friends do it for him! :oP

Young love? Definitely!

We had our rough patches throughout high school and broke up a few times. We finally got it right at the end of our junior year though, and we have been together ever since.

We went to college together.
Then built a house together.
Got engaged.
Got married.
And had 2 wonderful kiddos.

Who knew that the last day of my freshman year of high school would change my life forever!?

But he was right! We would be together! :o)

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