Friday Randoms

1. Hannah got a little purse full of one dollar bills for Christmas from one of her GG's. She was super excited to have a purse and some money of her very own. :oP So yesterday when we went shopping, Hannah brought it along so she could pick out and buy her own toy. It was super cute. She walked around with the purse hanging from her neck. She found the toy she wanted (a My Little Pony book that comes with a playmat and little pony figures) so we went up to the cash register and she paid for the toy a big girl! I was so proud! When I was 4...or even 14 for that matter, I was very shy and would not do anything like that.

2. The Disney channel is airing Tangled and Sofia the First today, back to back...Hannah is pretty darn excited!

3. Flannel sheets are not even remotely as wonderful as fleece sheets! I needed to wash our fleece sheets so I put on a set of new flannel sheets that we got for Christmas. While the flannel was nice...nothing will ever come between me and my glorious fleece sheets! They are so warm and cozy! I am sorry I cheated on you, my lovelies!

4. My entire house needs a major decluttering session! The kitchen cabinets, under the bathroom sinks, closets, dressers, the basement. We have so much crap in the house, it is starting to drive me crazy. Who wants to watch my kids for, oh...a week, so I can tackle all of those things?

Also, why are organizational items so freaking expensive? I just want a few baskets or bins without paying $50+ for them! Ugh!

5. Sushi! Yes, I need some! NEED! ASAP! Hint hint, hubs! :o)

6. Colson turns 2 in 21 days! What the heck!?

Party planning is underway. I designed and ordered the invites yesterday. We're going with a rustic barn theme. I can't wait to share details with you. A separate post will come soon! Lets just say that flannel is required! :oP

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  1. A rustic barn theme with flannels for a 2nd birthday party? Sounds adorable, can't wait to hear more about it!

  2. OMG I'm totally with you on the ENTIRE #4!!!!!

  3. Dollar store for bins?

  4. I can't wait to see pictures from the party! The theme sounds adorable!!

  5. I agree, bins are outrageous!! Have you thought about doing that thing where you take old diaper boxes and cover them? Might be cheaper than actual bins.

    And yes, sushi! Yum! We had a date night last night and got sushi and red mango for dessert! That is totally the way to my heart!


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