TAT--Favorite Christmas Gifts

My kids are at the age where any new toy is he coolest toy they have ever seen. So on Christmas they were on overdrive to play with all of their new toys. Everything needed to be played with right when it was opened. :oP

We need to build an addition to our house, that's how many toys the kids got from all of the Christmases. We have a Tinker Bell Fairy house, more Minnie Bowtique pieces, more My little Ponies, dress up clothes, princesses, a car mat, more cars, blocks, books, and the start of a Chuggington Interactive Train collection.

And it didn't surprise me that Colson wanted to play with Hannah's toys and Hannah wanted to play with all of Colson's toys. :oP

But there were a few joint gifts and those seem to be the hits. I'm not sure if it's because they prefer those toys more or if it's because they actually play together with them so I think they like them more...either way, the following toys are the cool toys right now...

Notice a theme? Yeah, Jake and the Never,and Pirates. It's cute to watch them play and dress up. I am a bad mom and have not gotten any photos of them dressed up, but I assure you, Colson is the cutest little pirate ever. :o)

What were your kids favorite gifts this year?
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  1. That's one show that Aubrey has never really been interested in. She's currently in LOVE with Sophia the First... Has Hannah seen that one yet?


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