Oh How Pinteresting!

I know I have been a blogging slacker lately. Truth is, I just haven't felt like writing about anything. Blogging block, I guess. But hopefully that changes soon! :o)

In the meantime, enjoy some of my recent pins and head on over to The Vintage Apple to link up!

Source: etsy.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

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  1. HAHA, we have some of the same pins on our blog today! :o)

  2. love those frames! and i pinned those little bows too this week! okay i'm following your crochet board now!

    Trish @ Tales from ...

  3. I soooo love the picture about Target! That is totally me!!!

  4. Target is even better than a casino!!!! I always leave winning!!! :)

  5. Hi Jennifer! I really enjoyed my first visit to your blog. I know e
    exactly what you mean about blogger's block...I've had several attacks of it myself! :)

    Love your pins...SO true about Target. Although at least we get to leave with something :).

    My Oh How Pinteresting this week focuses on Downton Abbey fashions. Hope you'll stop by and say hi!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life


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