Mini Panic Attack

Yesterday morning I had a mini panic attack about the name Grayson. I have come to love the name Grayson and I can picture our little man as a Grayson, but yesterday morning I had a major fear overcome me and now I'm not sure what to do. Oddly enough, Nick said he too was thinking about the name Grayson yesterday morning.

We have a rather 'sissy' last name, if you will. It makes for naming a boy rather difficult. Nick and I have thrown tons of boy names at each other and Grayson was the one we both fell in love with. Now that we have had a chance to enjoy the fact that we're having a boy and actually call him by name, we're now afraid that Grayson is an easy target for name calling. The major one being in reference to gay-son loving.

We know every name has bad nicknames but if you combine Grayson with our last name, it's like a double whammy. Kids are mean and I realize that no matter what you name your child, they will find some way to make fun of a name. But like I said above, combine that with Loving and I just see a recipe for giving our poor boy a complex.

We're really just stuck on what to do. I mean, we can hope that our boy grows up to be a strong young man and can let little things like name calling roll off of his back. But at the same time I don't want my son to come home crying because kids were making fun of his name with me knowing that I could have prevented this specific name calling.

So right now we are being open to finding our little man another name. One that we love just as much. One that we can picture as our sons name. If we can't find one, then Grayson was meant to be and Grayson is what he shall be named! :o)

Who knows, maybe I am just being overly hormonal with all of this...   ???



  1. I still like it. But Erin thought of the same teasing name you did when I told him you were re-considering. So, I don't know....

    I think I like it more because it's so different!

  2. I changed my mind so many times when I was preggo with Bennett. In fact, while I was in labor, we had it narrowed down to 2 names and during a contraction I said I definitely want Bennett. It's ok to change your mind and not be sure of things. Maybe have a couple of names in mind that you both like and wait until the big day comes and then make a decision. Boys names are hard!!!

    P.S. I still love Grayson, but I totally understand where you are coming from with the name calling thing. Maybe you guys should just change your last name. :) Totally kidding!

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