23 Week Bump with an update

Here is my 23 week bump. Sorry it's a day late.

      Hannah                           Baby Boy L

I also had a doctors appointment today. My blood pressure was 124/78 so the medicine is doing it's job! :o) YAY! I go back in 5 weeks for a check-up and an ultrasound to make sure our little boy's growth is on track. My appointment is on Nov. 24th...the day before Thanksgiving.

How the heck is Thanksgiving 5 weeks away??? Holy crapola!



  1. what a different two or three weeks make! on your last pictures (was ist 21 weeks?) your belly was a lot smaller :o) the baby is growing - that's great!
    glad the medicine is working!

  2. Yes our little baby boy definitely went through a little growth spurt. My waddling is a sign of it! :oP

  3. It may be just from the different shirt, but it seems like you may be carrying a bit lower with him. And I agree, what a difference a couple of weeks makes! Super cute!!


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